Call 1-800-595-8101 to learn more!
Call 1-800-595-8101 to learn more!
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Our Process

Direct To Consumer

Removing the middlemen for improved hearing at an affordable price.

Recent legislation passed by the FDA has changed the game. No longer are consumers forced to go through a process that encourages high prices. The new model allows Ovation to sell digital hearing aids, direct to the consumer at a savings of up to 80%.

At Ovation Hearing there are no middlemen. In fact, it's our mission to remove the obstacles that prevent people from purchasing a hearing aid. We take pride in developing, sourcing and selling the hearing aids ourselves. Because of this, we have the ability to control the quality and the cost of the product. By using this direct-to-consumer approach, it allows Ovation to offer you these state-of-the-art, innovative hearing aids at a savings of up to 80%.

Does this eliminate the importance of doctors and audiologist visits? Absolutely not. People with severe hearing loss can benefit greatly from a visit to a medical professional, and in some cases, it is worth the extra money spent. We encourage anyone with severe hearing loss to visit a medical professional. Ovation Hearing Aids are designed to help 95% of people with mild to moderate hearing loss.