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About Us

The Ovation Hearing Story

Finding a solution to the hearing health epidemic
At Ovation Hearing, we believe there is a better way to get people hearing aids. A way that will get them medical grade, FDA-registered hearing aids at a reasonable price. We believe there's a reason that only 1 in 5 people that have hearing loss, have a hearing aid. That reason is cost. We're extremely passionate about our mission; to help more people improve their quality of life through better hearing.
The Beginning

"There has to be a better way." This was the phrase that ultimately led to the founding of Ovation Hearing. Rob Wiens was on vacation when he heard someone utter these words about the hearing aid industry. After meeting someone with extensive experience in the industry, Rob learned that only 20% of people that could benefit from a hearing aid, have one. The main reason? Costs ranging from $2,000 - $4,000. Through personal experience, Rob knew that hearing loss wasn't just a minor annoyance, it affects the quality of peoples lives. Now, through this brief encounter he knew the industry was broken. It was far too difficult for the majority of Americans who needed hearing assistance to get it. He was determined to find a solution.
The Process

The solution involved developing hearing aids that were comparable to the highest quality devices, but at a significantly more affordable price. There are many solutions available to the consumer, but they typically fall on one end of the extremes. Pay thousands for a digital hearing aid recommended by a doctor, or find a solution that promises to fix your hearing for only $19.99! Ovation devices are FDA-registered, doctor designed, medical grade hearing aids. We work with audiologists and some of the foremost experts in hearing aid technology to develop some of the best devices available, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hearing aid.
Our Growth

After the initial positive reactions, we knew we were on to something and others were taking note as well. A feature in the USA Today marked an extremely successful 2014. By 2015, Ovation was officially in blast-off mode. We were helping thousands of people in need of hearing assistance and we loved it. By adding new medical grade, FDA-registered hearing aids to our assortment and growing our team of hearing experts, we knew we could help even more people.
The Next Chapter

We're on a constant pursuit of improvement. Our goal is to continually improve upon our knowledge, expertise and service we offer to people suffering from hearing loss. The technology is important, the assistance to customers is crucial. We're making even more improvements to our medical grade hearing aid technology and our team of dedicated experts. Our commitment to our mission remains the same, "To help more people improve their quality of life through better hearing." We feel just as passionate today as we did in the beginning.
How Can You Sell Quality Devices For So Much Less?
The short answer is, we cut out the middle man. Our hearing aids are going directly to the customer. In some cases, it makes sense to go through the traditional buying process when purchasing a hearing aid. In most cases of people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss, our hearing aids will help improve their hearing, and save them a lot of money.